This is Your Life

Sometimes I sit in silence
My thoughts too deep to be disturbed
Other times I repeat the same song for hours
Just to make sure I remember the words
It’s easier if someone does the thinking for me
It’s easier if I don’t have to figure it out

My brain is unable to determine
the measure of importance
between your reality and my own
I battle with depression
every single day
it’s no longer a war but a fucking crusade
Seems that with bipolar
you don’t really have to count the days
They don’t matter anyways
Not if you can’t make it out alive.

The trick is to get past that moment
When you are trapped in your mind
Stuck running circles in all the choices you have
Sending apologies telepathically
Remembering sacrifices accordingly
This is a merely a mental mind set
You can overcome despite the lack of a pencil
To write a final note
You gave up the choice to make decisions after your death
When you chose to be done
I can’t blame you though, it’s tiresome being strong
When you were sent to figure everything out
It’s no fun when you’re broken, you know you’re broken and you know you can’t be fixed
Perhaps another life you can have it easier
But for now, know that this life will show no mercy
Because only the strong survive
This is your mission
This is your life.

To be continued…


One thought on “This is Your Life

  1. I can definitely relate to the feelings described here, but I disagree with one thing. Your statement about not being fixable. You ARE fixable. I wrote a post, “Know What You Are Fighting For” in regards to this. You should check it out! Sending good vibes your way friend 🙂


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