Another Night For Lovers

Last night again I found myself naked in between his sheets. I kissed every inch of his body. I have never kissed the back of a knee before or even an ankle and I am sure it was just as erotic for him as it was for me. My bra he threw to the windowsill and I left it there this morning when I relenctuantly left. I told him I would have to ignore him so he can miss me. He laughed. I can’t help but feel happiness in his laughter. I asked him if he was ever going to let me take him out for dinner or if he just wanted me in his bed. His reply still makes me chuckle, “Sure. Right now? Lets go!” I reminded him nothing was open. It made me laugh. I like his humor. I like his touch. I don’t even care who knows or who might judge. So far as I am concerned it distracts me from my misery. I told him he was the meth to my pipe. I don’t have a gambling addiction but a lover addiction. It’s best we cool it for a few days so that we don’t lose that excitement. That boring mundane routine. I have to remind myself this. Two nights in a row really makes a person think about these things. I don’t mind loving the guy. I prefer it over anything but I can’t get so caught up in it that I lose myself. He enjoys me too. It is such a wonderful feeling. I feel sexy for him. I have never expierenced this before. It is amazing how incredible he feels and how he makes me feel. Its liberating. He has opened up a side of me I was not aware I had. It is scary yet exhilerating. I have to keep myself distracted. I would go to him everytime he asked. I know I enjoy his embrace too much.


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