The Numbers Give Me Purpose

If I stimulate my brain enough I don’t have to think about my ultimate demise. If I keep myself preoccupied with the beauty of the world I forget about the ugliness. There is a battle between good and bad in my head. I gotta be self-aware to help humanity as a whole. It only makes sense that I keep moving forward. Ahead of the darkness .

The numbers they speak to me like always. When I have no footing I go to them. They calm me. Occult sciences some don’t understand but I do. My own seven vibration makes it so. It relates to me. Resonates within me. It rapes the secrets of my souls. It exploits me like I am naked before you. The thing with being a seven is I am highly attuned to being intuitive. I was born to have faith in myself in others I must remember this. I have a highly calibrated mind. I have profound gifts to share with this world.

My journey unlike yours is a highly internal journey where my primary purpose is to get to know who I am in the deepest, most authenticated and soulful ways. And it will take a lifetime.  I am here to develop my sense of higher purpose, trust myself and others and trust in the process of my life so that I can feel safe enough to open up and share my inner beauty and wisdom with the world. I believe this. It makes me cry. I can do this. I have to do this. This is why I share my thoughts-I am destined to. I am fated to. I am ultimately compelled to by the Universe. It makes me happy to know that I am on the right path. That this is what I am supposed to be doing.

A sense of relief is premature as I have a lot of work to be doing since I got my calling. It’s the same calling I have always had-write. Just write it down. Even if I have nothing to say-write. The story will come with the words. The people will read it. The people will care. They need a good story. I just need to begin. Starting is always the hardest. I lie. Ending is. Strike that. It doesn’t matter as they are on opposite sides of the spectrum and both are equally as hard.

I am trusting the numbers. I am trusting the Universe. I am starting my journey now. Although completely inaccurate as I started the day I was born from the darkness into the light. This is where my journey began. It was a Friday. Like today. It was summertime. The month of July. The seventh month of the year. The day was the 18th. I was two weeks late. I suppose I didn’t want to be born on independence day. Ironically I would have been an eleven if I had sprouted then. I didn’t. I apparently needed to be a seven in this lifetime. 2:17 in the afternoon I was presented to the world. It was predestined I was to have only one true power in this life-knowledge.


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